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21 Days

Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Or 21 days to change a bad habit into a great one.  That’s 21 days of going to the gym every day, 21 days to eating healthy, or 21 days of doing something significant for your business.

In the midst of everyday tasks of general business housekeeping and putting out fires, business owners always have those “big picture” business changing tasks that they want to complete.  You may want to develop a new marketing strategy or institute a new operating system, or start using social network sights for business to business networking.

Try treating these tasks like habits that you want to create for your business and take one step at a time for 21 days.  First define your problem and come up with a system to get it done.  Practice it for 21 days.  It might just be second nature by the end of the month.

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