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Which phase is your business in?

According to entrepreneur and author Jay Goltz, businesses go through three stages: start up, throw up and grow up. In the March edition of Fortune Small Business, Goltz describes how accounting procedures can make the difference between throwing up and growing up, how it should work and what can happen if business owners don’t pay attention to accounting.

At the IWCC Entrepreneurial Center, we see business owners whose books are, well, just a mess. Let’s face it; unless you own an accounting business, you probably aren’t an expert in how accounting can help or hurt your bottom line. That’s one of the reasons our Iowa Small Business Development Center exists. And we are here to help.

If you’re in the thrilling start-up phase, we have Smart Start and FastTrac classes that can help you make sure you start on solid footing. If you’re in what Goltz calls the throw-up stage, our SBDC and SCORE counselors can help you figure out where you are, measure where you want to be, and figure out how Point A can become Point B.

If your business is ready to grow up, we have experts who can advise you on a vast array of issues, from accounting to marketing, cash flow management to technology.

No matter where you find yourself along the continuum, a call to the SBDC can make all the difference. Our counselors and our SCORE counterparts will offer guidance and expertise, all at no cost to you. Or you can sign up for classes in QuickBooks or Website management or even business succession, all offered at nominal fees, all geared to entrepreneurs.

As Goltz concludes, it’s hard to be half an entrepreneur. Once you’ve taken the full plunge, make sure you’re using all the resources available to you. Call us at 712-256-6552 or e-mail Bring all of our resources to bear on your bottom line.

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