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Viviam Kvam has worked with big brands like Crayola, We-TV, The Discovery Channel, and Taco Bell, along with scrappy startups and non-profits, she continually expands upon past experiences to enhance her skill set, offering value to a wide range of partners and projects. With ninja-like skills for keeping meetings short and productive, Vivian manages projects from start to finish with an enthusiastic spirit. Skilled at putting together a blueprint to execute a strategy.

Machaela Clark is a true storyteller at heart with a passion for the community and the people in it. From various boards and commissions to the many organizations she’s worked with, her collaborative spirit, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills offer partners and projects great value. Machaela connects the dots between creative ideas and strategic plans. With a humorous flavor and creativity, she collaborates with an open mind; bringing quality, value, and a high ROI to every project.

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