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Apply a little ducttape to your marketing approach.

One of my favorite business books is “Duct Tape Marketing” by John Jantsch.  In fact this has become my marketing bible.  Mr. Jantsch has a very practical, common sense approach to marketing a small business. If you haven’t read it, go to the Duct Tape Marketing website.  This is a great website with many resources including a blog filled with great marketing tips. Better yet, go to the Greater Omaha Chambers Small Business Conference on August 20th to see John Jantsch in person.  One last thing about Duct Tape Marketing. It is not just another exercise in writing a 50 page “marketing plan” and then putting it on the shelf.  It is designed to be easy and is organized in a step by step approach AND it has great tactical marketing ideas that can be put into action today.  One of my favorites is  2-step Lead Generation that is described in this archived Duct tape Marketing Newsletter.   Happy marketing!

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