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Are You a Solopreneur

Commonly known as consultants, freelancers and self-employed, independent contractors are individuals who are hired to do a particular job, receiving payment only for the work being done. Independent contractors or Solopreneur are small business owners, and are not their clients’ employees. Even earning part time money like ride sharing, room sharing and selling makeup are all considered Soloprenuers.  They do not receive employee benefits or the same legal protections as employees, and are often responsible for their own expenses. If you think you want to be an Soloprenuers, explore some of the resources on the SBA website.

A Solopreneur is a Small Business

Like all other small business owners, you will need to follow some essential steps to starting your business. This includes getting the proper tax registrations, business and occupational licenses and permits from federal, state and local governments in order to operate legally. Want to find our more about soleprenuership? Join us for our Lunch and Learn on August 9th or sign up for special group just for soloprenuers.

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