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I wish I’d done that

I co-own a small business and have for 9 years. Over the course of those years, my business partner and I have agreed on most issues, disagreed on some and worked diligently to make our business work for us.

When we started, we worked with an attorney to create a partnership agreement. I wish, however, that we’d spent a bit more time in the early years talking about and reaching some agreements about how — and when — we might exit our business to the benefit of us both.

That’s probably why I feel so strongly about offering a Business Succession Planning workshop that addresses both new business owners and those who are looking to either sell or close their businesses. The workshop will take just a half day of your time on October 22 and will cover many of the issues and strategies I wish I’d thought about earlier in my own business ownership.

To download a workshop brochure, visit To register, send an e-mail to Coreen Trost,, or call me for more information. You can reach me at 712-325-3309.

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