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Small Business Cool Tools

Before the Age of the Internet, all of the tools that you needed to run your small business were slower, more cumbersome, and more expensive. Today, there are tons of great small business cool tools (most of them available for free) that make it much easier to grow your business and stay productive, organized, and efficient. So long fax machines, Rolodex-es, tape recorders and even – gasp – spreadsheets!

But just because there are tons of small business cool tools at your overworked fingertips, this hasn’t necessarily made things problem-free. With so many different tools to choose from, it can take hours to figure out the one that’s right for your business.

Here are three small business cool tools that you can start using today

Easily create beautiful designs + documents Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics

Cost: Free to use basic features, advance features have a fees

A cloud-based, integrated software and tools for small businesses. So far, that includes Invoicing, Accounting, Payroll, Payments and more.

Cost: No set-up fees, no hidden charges. Not a free trial. Not a free limited version. Free means free.  There are fees for Payroll and credit card processing

What it does: Toggl is an online time tracker/timesheet app that keeps track of how much time you spend working on each particular project. The app enables you to sort and create reports by client, by project, by day, and by week. It can help you make better use of your time, identify sources of wasted time and unprofitable projects, and also improve your team’s overall accuracy and productivity for billable hours.

Cost: Free! There is also a premium version with extra features that costs $5 per month per user.

Are you interested in learning about more cool tools?  Attend our Lunch and Learn on March 8th or setup an appointment with a small business counselor 

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