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Who Will You Vote For? Presidential Election 2008

For some, this question is simple.  You will either vote democratic or republican.  These party lines have defined how we vote for most of our adult lives.  Events, people and things have influenced us to choose our definite side and therefore our candidate of choice.  As Entrepreneurs,  I think the answer to “who will you vote for”  should be a little more thoughtful.  Many federal laws and regulations can directly affect your industry, your employees and your company.  So before you push that familiar R or D button, I challenge you to do a thorough comparison of the issues that effect your business and your personal life just to make sure you are on the right side. Start your investigation at Inc Magazine’s “Entrepreneur Guide to the Presidential Election 2008”.  As I come across more information on the 2008 Presidential Election as it relates to your small business I will post it here.  And if you have any links, thoughts, or information on the election please feel free to comment here.  I will only post things that are non-biased.   

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