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Searching Locally

In the next few days/weeks I will focus on some tips and observations that I have picked up in the last very busy months.    In the mean time call or visit us and the Iowa Small Business Development Centers to learn more about what we can offer your small business or startup. 

Tip #2 – Make Sure You Are Listed on Local Search Engine Directories

Can your customers find you if they are searching for you by your business name?  More importantly , can potential customers find you if they are searching for your type of business in your area?    Three of the main places people go to search for a type of business on the internet are Google, Bing (formerly MSN) and Yahoo.  All three of these search engines have local search capabilities.  When a “searcher” types   “council bluffs” or another location along with their primary search term, the search engines will automatically pull up a convenient local listing.  Try it with Google and “Council Bluffs Interior Painters”. 

local search image

It is up to you or the business to get listed or “claim” a  free listing.  Each of these search engines have places on their websites to register your business.  However, the easiest and quickest way to accomplish this is to use  This very useful site will help you get started with the process of getting listed in very few steps. is a resource for small business owners to whose goal it is “to help small businesses claim and enhance their listings at major search engines.”

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