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Where’s the money? Check out Iowa Money Map

In a recent blog, MyEntreNet’s Maureen Collins-Williams shares great news for Iowa business owners. She reports that more than 300 Iowa agencies, organizations and economic developers collaborated recently to create a single gateway for small business and entrepreneurs to find grants, loans and other incentives to start or expand a small business in Iowa.

The Iowa Money Map has more than 800 listings, broken down by county. This comprehensive database includes Iowa’s grants, loans, equity investment opportunities and other financial incentives available to small business and entrepreneurs. The map is housed on the MyEntreNet Website, but you can access it easily by creating a quick account. There’s no fee!

In addition to the county listings is a statewide listing, including a grant program from the Iowa Department of Economic Development for creating new technologies and another for businesses owned by women, minorities and persons with disabilities.

If you’re looking for money — and who isn’t? — be sure to check out this incredible resource.

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