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Practice What You Promise

I love everything that is marketing and am eager to get ideas and usually will spend time learning everything I can from anyones’ perspective.  That is why it is surprising that when I received in the mail a “free” package of newsletters containing ideas for small business marketing I tossed the whole lot in the recycle bin after only glancing at the cover. 

The newsletter was printed on ivory paper with black print and boring black & white clip-art.  It looked like it was created by my first version of Microsoft Publisher in the 90’s.  I immediately made the assumption that not only did the piece look out of date, but that the content was surely out of date and not useful for me or my clients.

Marketing is supposedly this businesses expertise, yet it looked like they needed expert help on revising the look of their own showcase piece. 

Come to think of it, I see this all the time.  The landscaper whose land where his business sits is brown with dirt when it should be as green as his best customers. The photographer with grainy, unfocused photos on his website.  The webmaster/designer with a lousy, out of date website. The hairstylist with frumpy, unruly, purple hair.

 My point is that if you are selling yourself as a great business, you better show off your expertise in  your own business.

Make sure that your trade, specialty or expertise is  well reflected in your own business.  If you are a printer… have the fanciest cards you can make.  If you are an apparel retailer, wear the clothes you sell and make sure they look great on you.  Throw out all of the excuses. Make the time to stay updated in your field and showcase what you know by showing it in your own business.  After all, your business image could be one of your best marketing pieces.

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