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To Blog or Not to Blog

The main reason is to provide interesting, useful and frequent content to your customers, potential customers, industry experts, media, etc. The second reason is by getting these people interested and reading your content a chain reaction starts. Individuals start linking to your posts via other blogs, emails, facebook pages, forums and web pages. Because of this more people read your blog and other things related to your blog like your web page, facebook page, etc. Because of the links search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will start seeing that your page is relevant and you may begin to show up near the top when customers search for businesses like yours. And because of this more people will read about you and notice you and there will be more links. And eventually you will have more sales. Get it?

A blog isn’t the answer to everything. And neither is joining social networking sites like facebook. But doing all of this together is a great, new start to generating interest and sales leads.

Get started today. Log onto one of these free blog software platforms. WordPress Blogger

Blogging Tips and Useful Websites to help you along the way: 100-ways-to-improve-your-blog



25 Ways to Promote and Market Your Blog

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